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Everything you need to stay active and healthy this season, no matter what comes your way. We have a variety of products in a range of categories to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. From Cough & Cold to First Aid to Health & Beauty, health One™ has you covered.


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Trust health One™ for effective products that support your well-being, bolster your immunity, and strengthen your health.


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With health One™, we’re committed to quality. Customer satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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As a pharmacist, you can be confident and proud in offering these high-quality, more affordable products to your customers to further support their health and well-being. List health One™ in your store!

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At Kohl & Frisch we continually look for ways to help our valued pharmacy customers, and providing you with your own private brand has been imperative. The added value provided by health One™ is particularly appreciated by consumers experiencing higher living costs and increased financial pressures.